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I have my one leg up and my palm on my heart, begging for thy forgiveness for I have sinned to have watched Karan Johar's flick " KANK". If you don't happen to know what that is, I do not bother to write it down. First things first. Forty Plus Sharukh Khan, playing the role of Footballer Dev Saran in US--unbelievable, in a bad way.Him getting a 5 million dollar contract for his footer skills and a penalty kick-- unbelievable and disgusting. Let's get real. Next--Preity Zinta as Mrs.Rhea Saran,and Diva from Diva, America's No.1 Fashion Mag,--C'mon where has Vogue gone? And beleive me, these guys have all the chandeliers and chiffon, Marble Tiled Floors, Designer Wear,Manish Malhotra ChikkanKaari , ...Mr.Karan Johar could you please throw some light on the sorry plight of onsite working Engineers - India's largest exports. A totaly different and a bitter story altogether. Well, but then, you can say, no one goes to watch a Karan Johar flick expecting realistic details. He's got the bucks, so he'll flaunt.So be it.
Getting down to the crux, that is the story, I just cannot digest Mr.Khan's vibrating effect , I mean the way he delivers his lines. It seems too dramatic, too melodramatic rather. The jokes are cheap, very cheap and Mr.Bachhan , please oh please act your age. You are no De Niro or Pacino. And so Sexy Sam comes across as Sleazy Sam. Mr Junior Bachhan is cool as ever as the ideal husband who loves his wife a lot, but all he gets in return is his dissatisfied wife who is still looking for her love. The story - acclaimed as a Mature and Bold one,dealing with the Topic of Fidelity and Infidelity, is very wrongly treated. SRK and Rani's characters are too bad.Utterly bad, and suddenly they turn into good souls near the climax. Ok, if you still want to know the story, it is the story about these two unhappy married couples, SRK and Preity are married and have a son. But their marriage is nothing great. And so is Abhishek's and Rani's. All changes when SRK meets Rani all over again and falls in love.Rani reciprocates.All hell breaks loose when their respective partners get to know this. And then a staggered climax. The only plus points in the movie are Anil Mehta's impeccable cinematography, and Shankar Ehsaan Loy's score.

My Messages to the team:

Mr.Limping SRK, why are you so angry and shaky all the time. Do you spank your real son so much , and why are you against the violin?

Mr.Johar, there is life beyond chiffons, and cinema beyond Sharmishta Roy's art direction.

Miss Rani, please start enjoying parties and be a better wife than Maya is.

Preity , take care of your skin. You look old. The wrinkles are showing. Someone tell her of those cosmetics with Age-Defying Complex and Stuff.

Mr.Bachhan, stop playing ultra cool dadies , rolling their R's in perfect American accents, and sharing sleazy jokes with their sons.

Mrs. Kirron Kher, can't say much.

Junior Bachhan, you rock. But don't overdue the "ooh I am so sexy, cool dude, Hip-Hop" Thing.

My Rating--1.5 /5

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