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If you ask me, did I like Dhoom 2, well my answer would be ahem! NO. I did not.
I did like the kiss though, I did like the Bikes, the chase scenes, and Hrithik and Rio , but there was so much to dislike . From Strategic " in-your-face" Product placements [In the 90 minutes before the Interval, I counted ten: (1) the Sony screen in the police briefing room, (2) the Sony VAIO laptop Hrithik uses in Bombay, (3) a Coca Cola can on a desk, (4) the BURP! truck for the stakeout, (5) Sony monitors in the security room, (6) jewels of the Taj (hotels), (7) Winch 6000, (8) Cinemax cinemas, (9) Cars, the animated film, and (10) Sugar Free Natura. And I’m sure I’ve missed a few.], to the boring storyline of a very intelligent Thief on the Run, does it hit any lower.

So what if the movie boasts of better visuals, better song chodeography, better costumes, the movie still is just! I don't care to find a word. Couple of things haven't actually changed though since the first movie. Uday Chopra is still as irritating as Ali in the first movie , irrespective of the color of Bandana he wears,Pritam's music is yet again been inspired from a Middle East melody, and Coke is still the Official Drink of the movie. Life ho to Aisi!!


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Crapam Crap

I cannot believe that this is the same team which made Hera Pheri.
I cannot believe that I went to see this movie.
I cannot believe that I survived after watching it.
I cannot believe that I did not puke even once.
I cannot believe that I am blogging on this crap by Priyadarshan.
An appeal to CBFC, can we please in the interest of National Security, ban Mr. Priyadarshan from shitting on the Celluloid with his undigested crap . Puhleeez!!!!

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This is its best. Doesn't matter if people kill me for saying this, because finally I get to see Bond using his license to kill. So even if critics or Bond fanatics may still go gaga about Sean Connery or Mr. Brosnan being the best Bond ever with their suavity and panache, Daniel Craig's rugged Bond portrayal leaves Ethan Hunt miles behind screaming for attention, and Jason Bourne seems like a wannabe. Right from the word go, it is out there. If you have come expecting a jaw dropping spectacular Opening Scene for a new introducing Bond( like Brosnan's unforgettable Bungee Jump in Golden Eye), well you might be disappointed with the opening 5 minutes of Black and White Rumble. If you are expecting over-the-top gadgets and "Listen Carefully Bond" Sessions from Q, this doesn't have that either. But the movie more than makes up for these two voids,or rather say 'Bond' voids. Because the movie doesn't need them , neither does Bond. If you are expecting Sultry Bond Girls in yellow bikinis, wake up. Eva Green isn't the normal skin show Bond Girl . She is the first Bond "Woman", if I may say so.

But then, with all things said and done,it all comes down to one thing and that is--Daniel Craig is the man. He doesn't have the raw star quality of Connery, but he's easily the best actor to have played the part. Add to that the gripping storyline. Craig is unlikeable but human and gradually picks up the Bond traits we know until he becomes more likable but just a little less human. It's an interesting journey and Craig is up to it. It's not just his delivery, it's also his body language. Even his fighting style changes as he adapts.The beauty about Daniel Craig is that he doesn't worry about being able to fit into the polished shoes of Brosnan and bring the sophistication of his predecessors. He does not even try to. And yet when we walk out of the theatre, we believe that Daniel Craig is James Bond. Right from the opening Act of the Brilliantly chodeographed Chase Scene in Madagascar to the Airport Explosion Scene, Casino Royale captivates you. But surprisingly, the most dramatic and exciting moments take place in relative stasis—around a poker table where the protagonists face off against each other, with millions of dollars and their very own reputations at stake , where the power of a piercing glance or the action of the gambling chip being placed on the table packs as much punch as that of a bullet from a silenced Beretta.

Casino Royale is a royal treat to the senses Its a must watch. See it to believe it.

P.S. Dhoom 2 releases next week, tch tch. Bad placement

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