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I have been reviewing movies for quite some time now. Here I have the index of all those which I have reviewed on this website.

Magnum Opus Index of Movie Reviews.

As you all know, I have moved to my new website

It also has movie reviews, and the Index page is given below.

OneKnightStands Movie Review Index.

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Crapam Crap

I cannot believe that this is the same team which made Hera Pheri.
I cannot believe that I went to see this movie.
I cannot believe that I survived after watching it.
I cannot believe that I did not puke even once.
I cannot believe that I am blogging on this crap by Priyadarshan.
An appeal to CBFC, can we please in the interest of National Security, ban Mr. Priyadarshan from shitting on the Celluloid with his undigested crap . Puhleeez!!!!

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Hey.. wow.. so much frustration!! What on earth made you go and see the movie ;)

3:08 AM  

Hey Wow!There is some one who reads your blog and comments on it too!! and i cant believe This ....

5:23 AM  

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