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Dhoom Boom boomed!!

If you ask me, did I like Dhoom 2, well my answer would be ahem! NO. I did not.
I did like the kiss though, I did like the Bikes, the chase scenes, and Hrithik and Rio , but there was so much to dislike . From Strategic " in-your-face" Product placements [In the 90 minutes before the Interval, I counted ten: (1) the Sony screen in the police briefing room, (2) the Sony VAIO laptop Hrithik uses in Bombay, (3) a Coca Cola can on a desk, (4) the BURP! truck for the stakeout, (5) Sony monitors in the security room, (6) jewels of the Taj (hotels), (7) Winch 6000, (8) Cinemax cinemas, (9) Cars, the animated film, and (10) Sugar Free Natura. And I’m sure I’ve missed a few.], to the boring storyline of a very intelligent Thief on the Run, does it hit any lower.

So what if the movie boasts of better visuals, better song chodeography, better costumes, the movie still is just! I don't care to find a word. Couple of things haven't actually changed though since the first movie. Uday Chopra is still as irritating as Ali in the first movie , irrespective of the color of Bandana he wears,Pritam's music is yet again been inspired from a Middle East melody, and Coke is still the Official Drink of the movie. Life ho to Aisi!!


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Its true-DHOOM2 does not have any good storyline..
Its true-DHOOM2 is filled up with many impossible events..
But at the same time it is a movie that will not allow ur eyes to move away from screen for a single minute...(at least it does not allowed mine)...
And Thats what I like in the movie..

And I definitely differ from u when U say Ali is irritating..
As for me he plays the role of a comedian who made us laugh in the midst of a serious police catching thief story..

6:14 AM  

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