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I have been reviewing movies for quite some time now. Here I have the index of all those which I have reviewed on this website.

Magnum Opus Index of Movie Reviews.

As you all know, I have moved to my new website

It also has movie reviews, and the Index page is given below.

OneKnightStands Movie Review Index.

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Screen Fixed

What is up with the movies? Well, the last movie I watched was Die Hard 4.0. It has been two weeks since and I haven't seen any. Faced with the question what the F will I blog,( I really don't care if anyone is reading this or not),I decided upon writing upon the trailers of the movies I missed, wanted to watch and couldn't , or I probably I never wanted to watch,or the ones I watched and never wrote about.

Movies I saw, and didn't write about until now.
To start with POTC-At World's End.

Yeah, given that El Capitano jack Sparrow cracks me up every time, this flick just didn't work for me. Firstly, because I was too consumed by the fact that Aerosmith would be performing the very next day and I would be watching them, and secondly becuase Keira Knightley,Orlandoo Bloom, Heavily Made Up Geoffrey Rush,and an army of dentally challenged,extremely filthy pirates sailing to the world's end,fighting octopusses and slimy monsters did nothing to keep me on the edge of my seat. Well, primarily so, because we have been there and seen it all already, and evrything seemed like Pirates 2 screened again, with a more complicated storyline, which I really didn't care to follow.
NextUp: Sivaji.The Boss. Aah.I did watch Sivaji, with a Telegu guy who knew elementary Tamil I sure did ruin his movie experience by asking him every 5 mins about the plot.
Well, you really dont need to know Tamil to enjoy Sivaji. Especially, with an audience which starts whistling at the mere sight of Rajni's shoes. The jokes, oh, I couldn't get em, my incapability, but the crowd seemed to love it. Rajni earns hundreds of crores abroad by working as an IT professional ( VISA Power, go get it!). Comes back home to set up a medical college. Bad guy doesnt want him to. Corrupt guys ask more moola.Rajni shows "thenga" (That's the Indian PG Version of the Middle Finger) and sweeps all of them off their feet, in a very unromantic way.His lady love on the other hand wants him to be get Fair and Handsome , or else the relation is over. Tormented Rajni goes in the pool of Multani Mitti, has Papaya facials, puts on Manish Malhotra desinger jackets,and fights the goondas at his ladylove's music store. Throw in some Rahman scores, 20 different hairdos including a bald look,and catchy lines like---Coool, Finisshh...whats not to like or love?

Some of the movies I didn't see and why?
Ck2MK-Chain Khuli Ki Main Khuli. Puhleezzz, I prefer to refer it as the dialogue from Satte pe Satta
The Train-Catch Ya Never,coz, Some Lines should Never be Crossed. Sure, the threshold of the screening room playing the Train.
Premonition-Premo who...????Sandra Bullock. Next please
Fool N Final--Already have downloaded the video Ye Dooriya. So , am good.
Shootout at Lokhandwala - hmm. I wanted to see it, but I got affected by the virus of Vicky Pollard, the symptoms being frequent uttering of " yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no..."""""
Red Swastika: When is Mithun Da's next releasing?

Some of the movies I really had to NOT see.

JBJ: When the promos were out, and AB Sr. did a Jack Sparrow on a Bhangra No. by Shankar Ehsaan, with the Yashraj films Banner gleaming below,first reactions were, no matter what, even if its crap, I will go to watch the movie. At Least for the songs. I got the soundtrack, and fell in love with Bol Na Halke Halke, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
Friday Came, and my friend called. You are watching this movie over my dead body. I had no other options.
Apne:hehahahahaha..Kutte Kamine...I felt scared..what if the Deols teared the screen open..I mean for God's sake it ain't one..not two, but all three of 'em.
And Sunny Paaji playing Rocky Balboa for Papajee. I think, I'd better settle for Ghayal's DVD.
Aap Ka Surroor - The Moviee, Himesh Reshammiya, Mallika Sherawat, Hansika Motwani, Raj Babbar, Sachin Khedekar, Pankaj Jha,

Aap ka Suroor: I didn't like the spelling mistake. I couldn't believe that a movie of this stature with an actor like Himmesssss could be released with spelling mistakes in its promotional posters.I felt let down.Yeah,on a serious note, primarily because , I ,being a responsible citizen of this nation, wanted to protect my fellow countrymen from the possible torture they call: Aap ka Suroor,the Sequel to the Reaalll Love Storyy.And I have failed to do so. Even after holding myself down and controlling the curiosity I had to watch Himesss on big screen, curiosity got the better of millions of my fellow countrymen,and yes, the sequel is happening. Aaj, khusshh to bahut hoge tum. Himess , you must be proud to have yur pic on me blog. Haayy

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Awarapan: The Paki Music Techno Remix didn't work for me this time.BTW, I havent watched Zeher,Wo Lamhe and even Gangster.
Naqaab: Please No. Abbas Mustan are the biggest cost cutters, do you know. I wont watch their movie until they change their attire. They have been wearing the same white shirt, and white pant, I mean the same, since Khiladi was released. The VHS tape of Khiladi has got all the reels demagnetised and Wada Raha plays backwards, Ayesha Jhulka is now on Telebrands, but Abbas Mustan still haven't changed their white dress. Has TIDE sponsored all of their movies?

Bong Connection: Simply because, it isn't getting released in Pune.But I am sure that I'll catch it in Kolkata.

Harry Potter: Bachho ne Sab Tickets le liye. No tickets for me. Boohooo

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