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Dil, Dosti,Excreta!!

I watched Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick being banged to cleanse myself from the trauma and disturbia that left me numb for the 45 odd minutes I spent at the theatre watching Manish Tiwary's Dil Dosti etc. This is a movie which has left me disturbed to the core, more than ever.Of course, can't promise that this tops my worst movies list, but well it might qualify as a very strong contender. Immad Shah(Naseeruddin Shah's son) plays Apurv with a deadpan look throughout and a speech style which can be best expressed as "impotent". Wonder how's he gonna complete the hat-trick he keeps talking about.Forget talking about comparisons, because we know how good an actor Mr.Shah Senior is. I am talking about an individual performance and to be precise, it sucked more than a Black Hole (as in the Black Hole, not the one you are imagining.Of course, all you can imagine after this movie is what you are thinking of.) What has happened to Smriti Mishra? As my friend puts it,"One of the most disturbing scenes on celluloid is the frame of the prostitute with the sagging belly". And well I have a word for it-Eww!! Isshitta Sharma (more famous in our circle as Preeti Patel from Loins of Punjab) disappoints as the school girl who is confused whether she wants to or not to get laid, or well I don't really care what is the confusion. Shreyas Talpade as Sanjay Mishra, the future politician from Bihar is a complete misfit in the ensemble.

The synopsis at IMDb for this movie reads: Dil Dosti Etc is a fresh, unabashed, no holds barred look at how young men of today think and choose to live their lives.
My take: Mr.Tiwary and Mr.Prakash Jha ,get a grip and hold on to your lives first. Focus. Please just dont excrete on the celluloid and give it a title.

Regrets: I am not gonna get those 45 minutes of my life.
Watch it if you are emotionally blackmailed or if Preeti Patel is your fiance'.

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