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300: Prepare for G(L)ORY

When they say comics are for kiddos, I say, grow Up. 300 is definitely not for the Kids. When Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" series of Batman Adaptation hit stores almost 20 years ago, the whole theory of comics aiming at low brow entertainment got changed. It is 2007, and a whole new school of film making replicates the visual spectacle of Frank Miller's Graphic Novel "300" and WHAT A SPECTACLE it is indeed. Distilled to its essence, it is a graphic novel come to life on the celluloid-page by page, frame by frame.
The Story: Its 480 BC, and Spartan King Leonidas is faced with the problem: 200,000 Persians approaching Greece led by King Xerxes. Leonidas cannot submit to Xerxes' reign as a true free person and as a true Spartan King. The Spartan council is reluctant to send the entire army, since their oracle has informed them that they can’t win. Leonidas however, manages to "go for a stroll" with his bodyguards comprising of "300" handpicked Spartans and marches to the coast to meet the invaders. His plan is to force the Persian's in the narrow bottleneck known as the Hot Gates, thus stalling their advance, until his wife can plead in front of the council to send the entire army.
But well, enough being said of the story , we are here for what we are here--Testosterone Explosivo. A feast for the eyes, OTT( Over the Top) Hyperviolence, and Never Before Seen Beheadings in Leisurely SloMo with Blood Spilling all over the (Blue)Screen.Those 90 minutes are the best 90 minutes I ever had at the movies so far, which I probably had the last time when I saw Neo dodge a bullet from the Agents. So it doesn't matter to me if Zack Snyder's adaptation of the Battle of Thermopylae is set against racing Heavy Metal Music, or critics crying out ," 300 dazzles as spectacle, but as history it's dodgy". Leave that out. I have my eyes laid upon the roaring action, the Blue and the Green Screen, the bronze tinted Six Packs, the Blood Spilling and the Bling Bling of Xerxes. I clap when Leonidas shouts " SpaaarTannnz!!!!!!", and I jump out of the chair when a head falls. The spears flying, the arrows piercing the skin,the dark faced Immortals, the monster creatures, and an inflated "Gollum",300 has them all. Its like LOTR once again, this time on STEROIDS.So what, if it does not have the mythology of Tolkien to support, and has the Graphic Gore of Miller instead. 300 shines for me more than Xerxes' ornaments.Prepare your eyes from popping out from their sockets in the face of such SuperEnergized Visuals. Well, my friends at have a few words to say..

If Gladiator and Sin City had a baby, it'd look a whole lot like Zack Snyder's 300. Visually arresting and wildly cut together, 300 is (despite its well-earned R-rating) precisely the kind of movie that turns 14-year-old boys into ravenous movie geeks.

And I am dying in anticipation for its DVD release. Because for me then, I shall have the power, the power of the Remote , to rewind the bloodbath spectacle of Snyder. Haaaauuuuuu!!!!!!!!

SpaaaarTaaaNNZZZ!!!!! Enjoy your Breakfast. Tonite !!! We dine in Hell!!!!!!!!!!

5 Spears out of 5 Spears, Bang on Xerxes' Eye....

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