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A movie which begins with the lines " A long ass fucking time ago..." is defintely supposed to rock hard ,isn't it? And yes it does. " Coz its the Pick of Destiny's Child,you know I will be rockin' cause it's fucking insane! And doth we know, that it is indeed fucking INSANE. Coz, its the D which comes alive with its powerful Rock and kills the Devil, and also pay their rent side by side.

For the uninitiated, Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny stars Jack Black as JB or Jables and Kyle Gass as KG or Kage , and is the story( more or less a chronicling of events ) of how the band Tenacious D was formed (more real than ever, in the words of JB) and how they become , the self-proclaimed "Greatest Band in the World".

The movie is a treat for all the D fans, but for those who haven't been so aware of their music or their HBO Television shows, it shouldn't be an obstacle for you from enjoying the movie, and also enjoying the great lyrics of the Soundtrack, right from the intro of "young JB" in Kickapoo which
goes something like..

A long ass fuckin' time ago,
In a town called Kickapoo,
There lived a
humble family
Religious through and through.
But yay there was a black
And he knew just what to do.
His name was young J.B. and he
refused to step in-line.
A vision he did see-eth
Fuckin' rockin' all the
He wrote a tasty jam and all the planets did align

Young JB is outrageously hilarious perfectly imitating Black's ecstasies of stagecraft and communing with the spirit of Ronnie James Dio. He runs away from home for his quest to form the world's most awesome band and he arrives at Hollywood . At Venice Beach, he meets Kage ,his Partner in Crime, Kyle Gass aka Rage Kage 5000.
Special mention: Classico. The song, featured in the movie, is an exploration of classical guitar music in aid of proving Kyle Gass's musical powers to Jack Black. In it, Gass plays sections from Bach's Bourrée in E minor (from Suite in E minor, BWV 996), Für Elise by Beethoven and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. Jack sings along harmoniously to Gass's guitar playing and thus proves to Lee, that Tenacious D is a viable band.(Source: And well, JB's powerful (is that the word) lyrics..

Can’t you see he’s the man, let me hear
you applaud
he is more than a man he's a shiny golden god.

If you
think its time to fucking rock, and fucking roll, out of control,
and then
you know you got to rock the block,
and fucking suck my fucking cock,
'cause when you rule, you fucking school all of the fools, out of their
'cause if you think it’s time,
if you think it’s time,
you think it’s time to fucking rock.

He is going to kick your fucking
and you know his name is Kyle Gass,
rocking and fucking rolling,
and fucking rocking,
and fucking rolling

When Jables and Kage are faced with the question of paying their rent, they have to rock everyone's socks off. And so, History as they say, repeats itself, ( a song which most D fans would remember from the HBO TV Series)
We ride with kings on mighty steeds across the devil's plain
we've walked
with Jesus and his cross
he did not die in vain No!

we' ve run
we've climbed K2 even stopped a moving train
through space and time my friends to rock this house again Rock!

fingers be silver
Jack's voice then be gold
both lest you think
we're vain!

We know its the showcase and we
don't care
Tenacious D
we reign...

Black and Gass, who wrote the screenplay with director Liam Lynch, make enough room for virtually every element in D-mythology, from the band's first meeting with their number-one fan Lee (JR Reed, who played the same role on the TV series and has appeared in concert with them as well) to a hallucinatory encounter with a Sasquatch (the subject of a particularly odd Tenacious D ditty) well, which for me was the most dragging part of the entire plot. The storyline is also partially derived from one of their most famous songs, "Tribute," in which the guys are challenged by a demon to perform the Best Song in the World. The Pick of Destiny finds JB and KG in pursuit of the titular guitar pick, which, legend has it, was carved from Satan's tooth. This quest inevitably brings them into contact with the Dark Lord himself and in order to escape his clutches, they have to play--you guessed it--the Best Song in the World.
Surprise blink cameos (you know, go off in a blink) by Ben Stiller, Meatloaf, Dave Grohl,Ronney James Dio , Tim Robbins in a Captain Jack Sparrow Teeth Role, and well, who was that girl, in the role of the most miserable North American waitress role, Crotch Pushups( You read that right), Power Slides, and of course a moral to top..."Satan's not in a guitar pick. He's in all of us!"..Pick of Destiny has it all.
So I don't give it a damn what the critics say. POD won't make it to the Oscars List ever, or well not be very popular even in the main pop culture comedy already filled this year by Will Ferrell's take on NASSCAR or Sacha Baron Cohen's bout with Afghanistan's two Golden Globes (if you know what I mean....).POD is very special to me, like it is to every D fan.Jack Black Rocks , especially when he Rocks in Master Exploder, Kyle Gass what can I say, dude....yeaaaahhhhhhhhh....that was bad ...aaaaaaaassssss.....Go Now Kyle Go Now Kyle 1...2....3...Tenacious D..we reign.....Burrito Supreme... haa Chicken Supreme...
Alert: For those who are easily offended by words like fuck, crotch, cock et al, Buzz Off!!!!
What did you expect from Tenacious D?

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