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Ram Gopal var'MA' ki Aag

Interesting revelation: There was a Sanjay Dutt movie which also starred a thick-browed Chandrachur Singh(I hope that's the correct spelling, my mozilla can't spell check this one.) and Mahima Chaudhry and had a song called Lucky Kabutar. The film was called, wait for it...DAAG..the FIRE. History as they say repeats itself . And it is the turn of RGV's factory to do the honors. This time he has done it by making a sequel to DAAG..the FIRE, and it is called AAG..the STAIN-in every way possible. I mean, for Pete's sake, how can one go so wrong with a flwaless script as Sholay.

How can one go so wrong with Surma Bhopali, Jay,Veeru, Thakur,Ramlal, Gabbar and to top it Basanti? These questions haunt me sometimes and well I am sure Mr.Bachhan and his entire clan comprising of Ambanis and Amar Singh(G) would resonate with my emotions.
Funny thing, Saturday morning , my friend calls me up and tells me, "Dude, you wanna hear the dialogue of the millenium? 'Kab hai Diwali'...."

Yes, RGV ki Aag is that crap a movie. And I am gonna grab each and every chance of bashing it out to extreme degrees, because, yet again, being a responsible citizen of my country, it is my duty to avenge the disturbed minds of my dear friends who have been traumatised by the 2007 spoof of Indian Cinema's most celebrated movie. I also am amazed at the range of RGV. He is the same guy who gave us Shiva (the first one),Raat( one of the scariest Hindi movies I have seen, way ahead of its time, and with no shower scenes , in white saris ), Satya, Rangeela,Company and Sarkar. And now add to that impressive list -Ramgopal var'Ma' ki Aag. It is the most let down of his entire filmy resume.

Urmila-Very Hot!!!!!
Mohanlal Anna ,c'mon. How could you agree to do this? Did Ramu trick you? I even heard Mr.Bachhan walked out of one of the screenings unable to withstand the 70 mm torture in which he was himself being framed.
Nisha Kothari-Naacho, mooh bandh rakho aur haa..kuch pehen lo.Chahe to mooh pe patti baandh lo ..mooh bandh rakho, or else I'll tell Rakhi Auntie.
Who's that guy playing Jay? Are you high?
Ajay Devgan-what are you doing here?
Sushmita Sen - Its a widow's role, not a clear skin commercial.
Big B-You did what you wanted- Killed the soul of Gabbar. You will be answerable to Mr.Amjad Khan when he asks you," Kitne Aadmi the"--who were writing this crap-a-load-of-a-movie.
RGV-Shame Shame!!
AB Jr.-You wanna get tagged as the Item Boy with the beard and the yo yo moves. Huh?Go grab ya Razr and sit in the corner.

What my friend has to say about RGV ki Aag is : Bahut hi badbudaar movie hai. Lagta hai kisi ne nahi nahaya hai.(Which means: This movie stinks. It seems that nobody has taken a bath)

P.S. I haven't watched this movie. Thank God. Thanks Baggu.

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