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I have been reviewing movies for quite some time now. Here I have the index of all those which I have reviewed on this website.

Magnum Opus Index of Movie Reviews.

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OneKnightStands Movie Review Index.

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Movie Reviews of Movies I missed: For all the reasons

Okay what's the deal with short names in Hindi Movies. That too attached with some kinda actions. Take Daud,Run and now the recent bomber at the B.O.-GO. What is the tiny-winy thing that relates all of them?They all suck, equally in every degree possible.While RGV's Daud was enjoyable in parts which revealed Sanjay Dutt's characters name in the movie was Daya-Parvati, and Urmila's was UmaShanker.
Coming back to GO-its got someone called Gautam as the male lead,if you may say so,flexing his muscles and trying to fill each frame with more stunts than the amazing videos you get to see on Youtube. Nisha Kothari as the female lead, shows more skin than a green viper shedding on Animal Planet(both are equally fascinating in their own rights and well the latter gets more viewership). Story-Yeah,right. Another one of those 1950-60-70-80-ish cheap Bollywood flicks from Factory right in the year 2007. Is time being bent or RGV has something missing in his cranium?
What would I prefer to see instead: Any of the Ramsay Bros flicks. The music is class, the female leads have no problem shedding their saris even if they have been fighting a losing battle against obesity. (There exists a word in Webster's for this league of Actresses-Power thighs). And yeah, there is Shakti Kapoor.

BREAKING NEWS: So F#$king what if Koyel Purie is the daughter of Arun Purie,the head-honcho of India Today.That doesn't mean she can spring up any moment as a journo on each friggin frame ,wherever available.I mean c'mon.On Colgate ads enquiring if your toothpaste has salt ? What the F. And now this dumba$$ movie. I did like her in Rahul Bose's "Everybody says I'm fine" . Well, as Tyler would put it,
" The feeling starts to fade away...I used to feel your fire, but now its cold inside.."
The plot is as predictable as Himess' 16th repetition of the word 'surooooor' after 'tera..tera'. It involves more sting operations, more sleaze,more breaking news tags flashing on the idiot box than any friggin news channel but Rajat Sharma's India TV.
Factoid: When India TV was launched it had Tarun 'Tehelka' Tejpal in the editorial team, and among others, Nalini Singh and Menaka Gandhi too, until Shakti Kapoor happened. That's how you screw it all up.

What would I prefer to see instead: Any Late Night show on India TV.

Budhha Mar Gaya:
Yeah probably any Budhha should die of shame . And probably well I would after watching such a load of crap. And so I didn't. Maana ki Raakhi Sawant kuch bhi kar sakti hai. (Agreed, that Rakhi Sawant can do anything.)Agreed that Paresh Rawal, Om Puri and Anupam Kher after having done Sardar,Ardh Satya and Saaransh respectively, have landed on a shit-junction called BMG(Budhha Mar Gaya). And what the F is Ranvir Shourie doing here? OMFG, Rakhi Sawant gets to do some spanking on Prem Chopra's arse. Wanna know more. Om Puri drives his car on both sides of the road,if you know what I mean, and rubs himself against a mountain of skin (I mean an obese lady). There's a huge spectrum of characters in one wholesome family, which was last only seen in Rajshri films. Hail Rakhi maata.

What would I prefer to see instead: Anything but Rakhi Sawant.

Fardeen Khan has gained weight at the wrong places. In our lingo we call it suffering from 'BappiLahirosis'. Esha Deol as the psychotic, wooden face ghost ,not dressed in the traditional white sari is a welcome change from the dead pan rendition of dialogues on her GARNIER ads. Isha Kopikar as the sari clad wife(I mean sari is supposed to be the most sensual dress a woman could ever have) is just not sexy enough,not even in the trailers. Do I need any further reason why I gave it a miss and a thumbs down.

What would I prefer to see instead: Kambaqht Ishq ,Khallas and Dilbara Dilbara(the song from Dhoom, yeah the one which has a lot of Esha..if you know..I know you know)

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