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Jab we Clicked!

Jab We Met-what a silly title!- what a cool movie!Fast, heartfelt, sincere and real dialogues, no fake melodramas and wonderful. Shahid and Kareena really make it work. But much of the credit goes to the el-capitano Dir:Imitaz Ali who has infused the movie with the dew freshness ( I wish Fa was one of the sponsors and they had a shower which is hardly seen in Bollywood romance.It is finally done. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor never looked "the Made for each other" couple until this movie happened. Trust me, it's written in stone now. It is a brilliant follow up to Diro Imtiaz Ali's bubbly and fresh romantic film-Socha Na Tha, which I loved and you know what,this one's even better.

The story is pretty predictable, the sequences and dialogues aren't, in a very good way. The story gives me a kind of dejavu' of earlier forgotten flicks like the Abhi-Ash bummer "Dhai Akshar Prem Ke" which was inspired from "A Walk in the Clouds", and well, the Govinda Urmilla starrer-Kunwara. It somehow also reminded me of the recent Cameron Crowe film"Elizabethtown" in a very special way. Uncanny!! But yeah, I started comparing Kareena with Kirsten Dunst and she ended up doing a pretty good job. Full of life,zeal and enthusiasm and equally childish-childlike ideas. Kareena is brilliant as the big mouth,no-brainer chic(no offense), is absolutely credible and fun to watch. The story is of Aditya (Shahid), son of a late business tycoon,who's entire business empire starts to fall because of his father's demise, and his girlfriend dumps him to get married to someone else. Frustrated by life, Aditya steps into a random train, and sets off aimlessly, attempting suicide and saved by Geet(Kareena). What happens next is a journey that brings Aditya and Geet closer and in the process, Aditya finds a new life and hope in it. Aditya goes on with Geet to Bhatinda, only to be confused as his boyfriend and this results in a whole bunch of confusion which occupies the entire movie. But its fun right!

Some portions could be omitted easily, and I did feel the drag in the second half . I mean,it was going great,dude! what just happened. But the final act catches up again and we are back in the game. Throw in some real groovy Bhangra number-Nagara..and we are swaying to it. Yeah, but they could have done without the Shaan -road travel song. I mean, they could have just made it play in the background. The entire script just comes to a halt when you make the lead lipsync after that fast-paced real talk. I really haven't seen a Bollywood flick in a long time it seems!

All's well in the end and the Hero gets his HEROINe....hahaha GOTCHA. Hehe. And add to that, the spice of the item song.Mauja Mauja! Mika yeah! You say Mika-who? The one who kissed-forget it. This one's really great and I was tapping my feet throughout this number. Awesome Pritam!!! But is it another arabic song inspirado result? One question though-Why can't you just reduce a few item girls in the Mauja Mauja song, and well shoot a real Taxi Drive Outdoor Scene or a real Night Train on the tracks scene,instead of using Hot Friggin Wheel Models. I was really pissed off. Reminded me of the Turning Brain-I mean,the Burning Train!!

All in all, what you take back home is some very well written lines, and excellent scenes,perfectly executed by the Kapoor duo. Especially Shahid who has come of age. He has come a long way from Ishk Vishk to Jab We Met. Bravo. 3.5 on 5!!!

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